Medallion Silverline & Holiday Frameless
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BEAVERCREEK OH CONDO BEFORE & AFTER: This spacious condo had a small enclosed kitchen with basic oak cabinets. The homeowner was dreaming of a new kitchen. Her style was modern, sleek with a touch of eclectic fun. She entertains her friends on a weekly basis and has large holiday parties. The existing room did not lend to a modern design, so I suggested we open it up and remove the walls. She had two dining areas, a small rarely used breakfast nook and a separate space for a dining room table. We decided on a large expansive island with lots of seating and to turn the breakfast table into a 50s diner booth. We turned a closet by the booth into a food pantry. She had an existing cherry wood bar that she wanted to match and we paired it with a "green glass" island color in a glossy laminate. We tied in the backsplash with a green glass tile. She now has a fun space that's fun to cook in as well as throw a good party!