Showplace Pendleton White- Oakwood
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DID THIS ROOM JUST TRIPLE IN SIZE?!? This 1926 home in Oakwood, Ohio felt small and and dark. The refrigerator was bulky and awkward. Add in an extra cook, and it was impossible to maneuver. Kelly Zamonski and the homeowner decided to move therefrigerator into an existing nearby closet space (next to the island/peninsula). Losing the closet, to her, was worth the extra kitchen countertop space and cabinet storage in the main U-shape of her kitchen! Not to mention, just how BEAUTIFUL it would look! We also decided to take the cabinets up to the ceiling. It's a great place for that seldom used kitchen items. The homeowner mentioned to me that, she has more storage than before.....she hasn't even begun to fill them up yet. So...she doesn't miss the closet at all.